Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We are open each day during ski season from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. During peak holidays we are open most evenings until 7:00 pm. All times are Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Where are you located?

Our shop is located at 26 Aspen Street, Angel Fire, NM 87710. It's a half block to the slopes. You can walk to the slopes or the free shuttle will give you a ride.

What are your reservation and cancellation policies?

You can make phone, fax or email reservations any day prior to your arrival. Your skis will be pre-inspected, tuned, waxed and waiting for you.

Changes, substitutions or cancellations must be made 3 days prior to your first skiing day to guarantee changes, credits and/or refunds.

Your deposit guarantees the availability of your equipment until 3:30 pm of your first skiing day. Contact us if delays occur. Your deposit includes a $10 nonrefundable booking fee. The booking fee is applied to the rental charges upon arrival.

We want to take a day off in the middle, how can we avoid equipment rental charges for that day?

It's easy to do, it just needs to be arranged before renting. If you are making online reservations, specify the days you will be skiing and the day you will take off in the comment box. Without reservations please specify your ski dates and your rest day while completing rental forms prior to renting equipment.

Do you provide overnight storage for our rental equipment?

Yes, free ski and snowboard storage is provided.

Do you offer rental breakage insurance for your rental gear?

Rental breakage insurance is free at Village Ski Shop. You may have had insurance fees added to your equipment rental at other places, but not here.

Really? FREE rental equipment for the 1st day lesson takers?

Yes, we offer free rental equipment for those taking a lesson on their first ski or snowboard day. You need to make advance reservations - just put a note in the "comments" box to receive this free offer. We require a following day of paid equipment rental. This offer is not available December 25-30. Also, it is not available to those using our group rates.

If we arrive early, can we pick up our equipment the day before?

Yes, pick up your gear anytime after 2:00 pm. If you request a specific model, the equipment may not be available until the morning of your rental. If you are night skiing on the evening of an early pick-up, additional rental charges apply.

If I don't like my skis/snowboard can I exchange them?

Yes, you can exchange equipment at any time with no exchange fee. We are located very close to the slopes so it's not a major hassle to exchange. It's only a half block walk or a free shuttle to our front door.

What if I return my gear early?

We will refund the difference for the unused days. Returns must be made before 9:00 am to receive credit for that day.

Can I exchange my ski rental for a snowboard?

Certainly, you can exchange equipment at any time with no exchange fee. Prices vary for different equipment, so there may be a price adjustment.

What length of ski/snowboard should we reserve?

If you do not know your length, we will reserve a suitable length. First time participants will receive the length recommended by the Angel Fire Ski & Snowboard School.

Can I reserve a specific ski or snowboard?

Absolutely. A list of our advanced demo skis and snowboards is available. Just click on demo list on our home page.

Do you rent helmets?

Yes, we rent adult, junior and child sizes. Please reserve the helmets when reserving your gear.

Do you rent clothing?

No, but we have a large inventory of waterproof jackets, bibs and pants for adults, juniors and children. These items start at $29.99. At this price the items are paid for in a few days and you don't have to wear used clothing.

We need size 16 boots, do you have them?

Yes, we have snowboard and ski boots in large sizes. It's best to make a reservation any time you are requesting the larger sizes.

If you have additional questions or concerns please call us toll free at 800-469-9327.